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We walked Horus several times a day. Mornings, after the sun warmed the garden and afternoons in
sun dappled wind protected areas. He received his Samento Cat's Claw before each walk, which always
gives him a burst of energy. We would stay out as time allowed or until he began laying
down and getting tired. Then he would be carried about so that he could
still enjoy the sights and sounds. As he grew stronger each day, his endurance and activity level increased.
After a few weeks of building strength from hardly standing and falling over to
climbing trees and chasing squirrels. These garden walks are the highlight of his day.
They make him want to drink water, want to eat food and willingly go to his room to sleep like a log for hours afterwards.

horus flowershorus on pathhorus big tree

Horus in the flowers ... strolling down a garden path dappled in sunlight ... scratching on a great big tree

horus ace hug horus and maxx drinkinghorus and maxx together

Horus hanging out with his Cane Corso big brother. Ace always sits up top and
guards the yard while his kitten is out walking.
Sometimes Horus would not want to drink water inside the house, yet be perfectly
happy to stop and slurp for 5 minutes straight with Maxx
at an outside dog bowl. Horus uses his paw like a cup and slurps water out.

horus and maxx looking offhorus maxx guardinghorus maxx restinghorus and maxx back at it

Maxx accompanies Horus on our walks. When Horus would tip over early on
or lay down to rest, a concerned dog would always dash over and nudge him to make
sure he was all right and encourage him on. While resting, Maxx guards Horus, staying beside
him growling and barking at anything he thinks threatening until he's rested enough to continue
his adventure. Once his friend is up and moving, Maxx takes time out to smell the smells.

horus fly catching horus bird stalking

Horus attempting to catch flies, we have to stop him when he's hunting honey and bumble bees, they're
much slower and would hurt! Bird, lizard and squirrel stalking, a favorite garden activity.
Never a successful hunt however with a leash and human attached to you.

horus up a tree

A few weeks into our walks, Horus had gained enough strength to not only walk about, but climb trees.
His first tree climbing experience in his life, he was purring and glowing with accomplishment ...

horus in a treehorus yikes tall treehorus mom help me down

Then came time to come down ... ohoh ... that's a long way to the ground! Mom, a little help please!
He's a master now, shimmies up and down like a bear.