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Hand Crafted Pet Products including Id Tags and Collars
Made in the USA - solid metal pet charms - jewelry
Swarovski® Crystal, Australian Opal, American dyed leather ...
Hand crafted luxury pet products made in the USA

animalstars employees
Ivan the cat hanging out with artist Dirk von Besser who hand paints and sets crystals into tags. Dirk comes from a Feature animation background (Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, etc.) as well as live action makeup artist and special effects artist.

animalstars employees pets

hotep animalstars pets

animalstars pets
Amen Hotep trying to steel Q-tips off of Dirk's desk.

dog cat love photo
Amen Ra and Raphael giving moral support.

  High quality custom, American made products. The incredible process - why many try, but none can duplicate our amazing charms - tags!

High quality American made products. A slow, painstaking labor of love. Each and every tag is hand crafted by many artists specially skilled in their own area of expertise.
Animal Stars manufactures these Jewelry Jewellery quality Tags in the USA, from start to finish.
Our collars are also hand crafted from the best leather using only Swarovski crystals or Black Opal from Australia.
A number of our artists worked in the Motion Picture Industry - Feature film Animation. Who better to hand paint our id tags, mosaic opals and set crystals into tags and collars.

pet id tag manufacturing

SWAROVSKI COLLARS CRYSTAL dog pet collars rhinestone ID TAGS,designer tags,bells,luxury dog clothing for Animal Stars

animalstars web design
Feature animation artist ( Disney, Turner Films, Warner Brothers, etc.) Tanya Moreau- Smith CFO working on the site, designing new products, creating advertising artwork, etc. Below with Toyger cat pal Sekhmet.

toyger and tanya
Tanya with Toyger cat pal Sekhmet.

toyger cat Sekhmetdevil dogs
Dirk with Toyger cat Sekhmet. Ace at Halloween.


warm winer dog coatsxmas pet costumes
Tanya with Isabeau and Merlin in coats, Maxx and Amen Ra at Xmas.

animalstars dragon logo
animalstars collar manufacturing

animalstars manufacuring rhinetone collars

animalstars kelly halloween
Kelly Davidson is an artist that makes collars for us in our leather shop - she also handles phones and emails at order desk. When all of that isn't enough, Kelly engraves tags and a
host of other things that need doing!

animalstars CFO friends
CFO Jeff Smith with pals Maxx the Pomeranian and Isabeau the German Shepherd.

animal stars setting crystals
Dirk hand painting and setting jewels into id tags - charms.hand painting luxury id tags

Crystal id tags manufacturerRetired Disney feature animation and miniature painting artist Phyllis Bird hand painting our flag tags, then stoning accent Swarovski crystals.

Maxx Halloween devil dog
Maximus the Pom at Halloween.


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