Our Story

Animalstars.com was founded in the early 2000s, by my husband and I, selling top-of-the-line handmade custom pet ID tags manufactured in the USA. I designed the name tags, which were then manufactured in California and New York out of solid nickel silver and brass. Text and art were engraved with diamond and darkened for readability, I then meticulously inlaid the tags with Swarovski crystals or mosaic black opals from Australia, and hand-painted the artwork. Soon hand crafted Swarovski collars added to the product lineup.

With the passing of a founder, Animalstars recently re-designed, expanding the search for the best quality products for our customers. We have opened up our product line to include beautifully made animal themed and memorial products for people as well as the best available pet products.

We hope you enjoy shopping our new website and thank you for visiting!